New Study Reveals: 5 HTP Is A Powerful Appetite Suppresant That Can Help You Win the Battle of the Bulge!

Are you always hungry and never feel full? What if there was a way to control your hunger and lose weight naturally? 5-HTP might be exactly what you are looking for.

Well known for its ability to reduce anxiety and depression, over the past few years researchers are finding the amino acid 5 HTP to be remarkably effective for weight loss as well. In a double-blind, placebo-controlled study in conducted in Italy half the subjects were given 5HTP while a control group received a placebo. No dietary restrictions were enforced during the first 6 weeks and a low carb, standard 1,200 calorie diet was recommended.

What was the result? Patients taking 5-HTP lost an average of 4.49 pounds the first 6 weeks and 11.63 pounds during the second six weeks. What about those taking the placebo? They also lost weight, but only .62 pounds during the first 6 weeks and 1.87 pounds during the second six weeks. Researchers concluded that those taking 5 HTP:

1) Had a greater level of satiety (fell more full when they ate)
2) Had a lower BMI (body mass index)
3) Greater decrease in hip circumference (actually became thinner)

Sounds pretty good doesn't it! That's why 5HTP is the answer for effortless weight loss you have been looking for.

#1 - 5HTP Jarrow Formulas


We've looked at a lot of different appetite suppressants from green tea extract and raspberry ketones all the way to more natural vitamins like Vitamin B12. Nothing is as effective as 5HTP. This naturally produced human amino acid has long been known for its ability to reduce anxiety and depression but it also is one of the most powerful appetite suppressants available which is still safe and natural. 

Jarrows 5HTP helps you feel full quicker and stay full longer so that you don't get the desire to "snack" and constantly eat. Many of us are "emotional eaters" meaning we eat when we are stressed, unhappy, or just want to relax. By increasing seratonin we will feel less inclined to eat due to the fact that we will be generally happier. Also those signals from our stomach to the brain which tell us to eat even if we don't need to, get blocked.

Another good thing to know is that Jarrows 5HTP supplement does not add any fillers. Many supplements these days use very little of what they are actually selling in their formula and fill it with a bunch of other herbal extracts which have little to no effect. Jarrows only uses the all-natural 5HTP in their formula. 

5 HTP Health Supplement- Uses, Benefits, and Other Important Facts

As far as health supplements go, there is no shortage of hyped up products in the market, which leads consumers to be more discerning when purchasing one. However, there are legitimate products that in fact deliver excellent results and do not fail to please consumers. 5-HTP supplements are among the most popular weight loss products today, and while it has been well received by customers as well as health experts, many are still unaware of what it is and what it can do for the body.
Below is an in-depth look at 5 HTP, including a list of its uses, benefits, and other pertinent details about this health supplement that potential customers should know about.

What is 5HTP?

5-Hydroxytryptophan, also known as Oxitriptan, is an amino acid produced naturally by the human body, which serves as a chemical precursor for the production of several neurotransmitters such as Serotonin, Melatonin, and Trytophann. This naturally occurring substance is harnessed as the main ingredient for several health supplements, especially those intended to induce effective weight loss.
For commercial purposes, this amino acid is extracted from the seeds of an African plant called Griffonia simplicifolia.

Main Benefits of 5-HTP

Increased Metabolic Rate

Taking 5 HTP supplements have been known to promote faster metabolism, which is necessary in order for weight loss to occur. This is particularly helpful for people who have been trying to lose weight exclusively through dieting, and have been unable to get any results. As most are aware, daily exercise is necessary to keep one's metabolism at an optimal rate. However, since not many people can exercise on a regular basis, it becomes necessary to take a different route as far as increasing metabolic rate, which is what 5HTP supplements primarily provide.

Appetite Suppression

Apart from increasing the rate at which one's body burn off calories, 5-HTP also acts as an effective appetite suppressant. This would be largely beneficial to those who find themselves unable to control cravings or the urge to binge. Weight loss occurs a lot faster when a person is burning off calories at a faster rate while also cutting back on food consumption at the same time.

Treatment of Sleep Disorders

Apart from being an effective weight loss aid, 5 HTP also works well for treating sleep disorders such as insomnia, premature waking, waking dreams, somnambulism (sleep walking), and many others. It has a very calming effect on the brain, which allows the body to relax enough to induce deep and restful sleep.

Other fringe Benefits

*Preventative measure against Parkinson's Disease and Alzheimer's
*Treatment for ADHD or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (on children and young adults)
*Alleviates depression and anxiety
*Relief for tension headaches, migraines, and cluster headaches.
*Reduces stress and pain caused by PMS or Pre-Menstrual Syndrome
*Treats seizure disorders, i.e. epilepsy, etc
*Prevents and Effectively Manages Fibromyalgia

Is it Worth Buying?

As per the reviews provided by consumers who have tried this supplement, as well as the professional opinions of many health experts, it is safe to conclude that 5-HTP supplements are worth purchasing. In fact, since it has a wide range of health benefits, it might be the only supplement anyone would need at home. 5HTP is an all-natural supplement that can provide real solutions not only for weight problems but a whole slew of other important health concerns.


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